what exactly do we do?

we integrate human and natural systems

As urban designers, landscape architects, interior designers and architectural technologists, we provide the full complement of urban, landscape and interior design services. We specifically provide efficiency, value and innovation in urban development, corporate environments, hospitality venues and commercial projects - the places and spaces where we live, work, and play. As we strive to design for a better world, we are sensitive to the unique challenges faced by both emerging and developed economies. Our client categories include building owners and managers; developers; first nations and emerging communities; municipalities; and retail chains. Our key services include:

Urban Design:
• Architectural massing design
• Civic and cultural space design
• Design Guidelines and architectural approvals 
• Master planning
• Mixed-use development
• New Communities
• Resilient urban design
• Urban districts and town center design  

Landscape Architecture:
• Civic and cultural space design
• Construction management
• Contract administration 
• Land Art, fountains and plazas
• Parks and public space
• Playgrounds and educational landscapes
• Residential landscape design
• Site Planning  

Interior Design:
• Civic and cultural space design
• Commercial and workplace interiors
• Restaurant and hospitality design
• Construction management
• Contract administration 
• Residential Interior design
• Space planning
• Technical drawings, specifications and code analysis
• Tenant test-fit design  

Interdisciplinary Services:
• Climate change vulnerability assessment
• Development consulting 
• Environmental graphic design
• Expert testimony
• Feasibility studies
• Renewable energy design
• Visioning, visualization and renderings

adaptive reuse is as vital as green construction

conservation Complements creation

Our planet is finite. Land, buildings, and our built environment are responsible for roughly 45% of our current CO2 emissions. Our goal is to respond to this issue, producing solutions that are innovative and intentionally multidisciplinary. We transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines in pursuit of singular, interconnected solutions for urban environments; striving to advance an evolutionary and sustainable human experience.

Wherever possible, we aim to incorporate ecological and historic conservation, adaptive reuse, restorative design and sustainable technologies in our work. We are experts in the engineering and design of adaptive reuse for landfills, buildings, and natural resources. We have implemented long term adaptive reuse strategies, and ecologically sensitive recreational park masterplans for landfills in North America.

Visioning and Planning

make your first steps the right steps

From the largest to the smallest scales of spatial planning, we embrace the challenge of laying out space as efficiently and elegantly as possible. This is important as you seek the perfect blend of aesthetic, economic and utilitarian value.  A thoughtful approach to planning is what you want as you start your project off - and it's what we do, at every scale. From master planning to interior space planning, we create spacial harmonies you can feel. We are active listeners who dig deep, and ultimately bringing to life your project vision and aspirations using sophisticated software and design methodology to create clear and thoughtful multi dimensional articulation, often uncovering so much more than originally envisioned. While some of our employees have architectural training, we do not practice Architecture. We embrace the opportunity to partner with talented architects and engineers in delivering truly brilliant, multidisciplinary solutions.

Integrated Design

seamless, intelligent, collaborative

With core competencies in urban design, landscape architecture and interior design, we incorporate and collaborate on building, graphic, industrial and product design, creating seamless and holistic design solutions. Our goal is to produce solutions that are intentionally multidisciplinary. We transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines in pursuit of singular, interconnected solutions for urban environments; striving to advance an evolutionary, positive human experience.

And while it's easy to get bogged down by design minutia, with us you'll get the perfect blend of high level design, and detailed construction ready content, without extra costs or unnecessary 'fluff'. Moving from broad to specific, We collaborate to provide exactly what you need, nothing more. We love to design, and do it with a passion for a better world - but we also recognize that the paper we draw on isn't the final product. Our work is only done when the project is built, and the users for which it was designed are experiencing the place or space. We want their experience to be memorable - every time.